• 10+ years of experience
  • B.A. in Translation and Interpretation
  • M.A. in Spanish Literature
  • 1 year of training in Creative Writing (Spanish)
  • 200+ hours of training in Medical Translation and Interpretation

Oihana Andión Martínez


I was born in the Basque Country some decades ago. As a kid, I would use only Spanish at home, and only Basque, at school. Then, they brought an international TV antenna to our apartment building and I witnessed the vastness and beauty of the outside world and was intrigued by how incomprehensible it was.

In 2006, after finishing my B.A. in Translation and Interpretation, I finally was equipped and determined to make that language and cultural gap a little smaller. Ever since, I have worked with the three languages that I love and master: Spanish, Basque and English.

In 2009, I moved to the United States where I completed my M.A. in Spanish Literature. Throughout my professional life, I have translated and edited numerous documents from marketing campaigns to environmental reports and news articles. In recent years, constant professional development and experience have allowed me to specialize in medical translation and interpretation as well as in literary translation.

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