“And this is a nun in New York. It looks kind of windy. The truth is she is running away. It was 12 years ago when she decided to join the church. She was having real fun praying, in the garden, praying, cooking, praying, sewing. They also took care of babies. Lots of babies. They welcomed new babies every week: blond, blue eyes, 27 inches, 6 months old; brunete, green eyes, 30 inches, 1 year old. She loved them, how not. And then, she found out: nuns were buying and selling the kids. It took her 12 years to figure that out; she was a tad thick but happy, after all.

So, one morning, this very morning, she was given permission to take one of the kid to the doctor, but, instead, she ran and ran. She is still running, no one knows for how long. Maybe, she will call the cops. Or maybe not.

We just know that she is running right now, and that it looks kind of windy.”